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The Book Update #2

Julien Haye working on his upcoming book an risk management and psychological safety

It’s been 11 months since I finished the first draft of my upcoming book!

Since then, I have shared “version 2” with a handful of close “critics” who provided me with invaluable feedback. Version 3 is now in the making and hopefully finished soon – when a writer block marries up with a good dose of procrastination 😅 🙃

Earlier this month, I signed on an exciting partnership with to edit and publish my work, a milestone I'm incredibly thankful for. And I look forward to finalising the book with them.

I must confess, that this was an unexpected development!

Before I came across the book “Write Your Book on the Side” by Hassan Osman in 2022, I found the idea of writing a book, and let alone being published by a mainstream publisher, ludicrous and unachievable. I strongly believed that no publisher would ever be interested. Hassan’s book provided a template to get this off the ground and demystify the whole journey.

My meeting with Jennifer Geary later that year, the self-published author of How to Be a Chief Risk Officer, really inspired me and I decided to get into action. I created a massive spreadsheet with all the steps I needed to self-publish, I took a leap of faith and left my job to be able to focus on this project among others, and I wrote the first draft of the book. When I mentioned this project to some of my contacts, I was introduced to a couple of publishers and the rest is history.

The book explores the interconnection between psychological safety and risk management. This project has been inspired by my personal vision of what risk management should truly be about: a strategic business enabler.I have always been passionate about discovering ways to make risk and compliance management more impactful.

I wanted to take a critical look at my experience in risk management and transformation, and dig deep to find out what risk leaders could do to deliver more strategic value. And it is when I read the Fearless Organisation by AMY C. Edmondson that I had one of those “That’s It!” moment.

This book is the culmination of my own journey to explore these questions and to offer insights and solutions to make risk management more effective and efficient. I truly hope that it will be an invaluable resource for anyone who is passionate about risk management and is looking for practical ways to transform their approach.

So, bear with me for a while longer and stay tuned for more updates on the book's progress and release date! In the meantime, I would love to read your thoughts on this topic; so feel free to share your thoughts on the following question in the comment box below:

What challenges have you faced in risk management and culture that you hope this book could address?

PS - Any idea on a title? 😉

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