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About Julien Haye

Proud father of a little bundle of joy, I am Managing Director at Aevitium LTD Risk and Compliance Consultancy. I am a pragmatic risk taker, and a commercially astute risk expert with over 23 years of experience in the financial service industry. I am also a public speaker and writer who enjoys sharing my expertise on various topics.

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Julien Haye's Story

I am a proud father of a little bundle of joy, a pragmatic risk-taker, and a creative people-centric leader with a passion for promoting psychological safety in risk management. I provide independent risk consultancy and advisory services, specialising in helping organisations to navigate complex regulatory and risk landscapes.

With over 23 years of experience in the financial service industry, I am a commercially astute risk expert who understands the vital connection between people, culture and effective risk management. Throughout my career, I have held diverse roles, from front-office trader to chief risk officer and transformation leader, giving me a unique perspective on the intersection of human behaviour and risk assessment.

My expertise lies in helping organisations to turn their risk, compliance, and assurance management functions into strategic business enablers while nurturing an inclusive and psychologically safe culture. As a former trader who relied on critical thinking and the ability to thoroughly debate each risk-taking decision, I strongly believe that when employees feel safe to speak up and take calculated risks, it leads to better risk decision-making and organisational resilience.


I have successfully led organisations through complex risk and compliance transformations, establishing effective risk management capabilities and governance, all while prioritising and fostering psychological safety. By delivering a stronger risk narrative for clients and strengthening their license to operate, I have shown that creating a people-centric risk management approach is not only beneficial but also a strategic competitive advantage.

As an award-winning LGBT role model, I have been dedicated to nurturing inclusive, risk-aware, and high-performing cultures in the firms I have worked for. Under my leadership, my previous employer was ranked 14th in the top 100 UK Stonewall Equality Index in 2023, and I actively support non-profit organisations with their strategic, risk, and diversity/inclusion agendas.


Beyond my professional roles, I am a public speaker and writer, passionate about sharing my expertise on risk management and psychological safety. In my upcoming book, I delve into the critical connection between risk management practices and creating psychologically safe workplaces, offering pragmatic yet impactful solutions that help organisations thrive in today's increasingly complex, uncertain, and regulated business environment.

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