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Aevitium LTD: The New Risk & Compliance Consultancy Practice

Updated: Jan 2

Aevitium LTD: Risk and Compliance Consultancy

I have always measured my action through the positive impact I enabled. I love transformation and challenging the status quo; I love collaboration and engaging with people; I love learning and going beyond what people think is possible.

And with that, I bring a rare blend of experience and expertise, spanning from front-office trading to leading risk functions and transforming front-to-back activities, to many organisations. For me, it is about helping executive teams and board directors, entrepreneurs and investors, risk and compliance experts to shift their risk and compliance capabilities to the next level through vision and exceptional delivery, and to turn such functions into core strategic enablers.

I launched Aevitium LTD to become your trusted specialist consultancy and advisory practice that provides tailored solutions to help your organisations make the best of its risk and compliance functions. And I believe in fostering long-term relationships with my clients, built on trust, the highest ethical standards and a shared commitment to achieving your goals.

Aevitium's Risk and Compliance Consultancy Services

  1. Align your risk and compliance management functions with your business strategy and focus on the optimisation of your firm's resources (capital, liquidity, etc);

  2. Assess, (re)design, roll-out and embed fit for purpose and proportionate frameworks, policies and governance to drive effectiveness and efficiency;

  3. Transform your risk and compliance capabilities and culture, focusing on alignment of capacity, capabilities and a psychological safety;

  4. Act as an advisor to Board and Executive Teams on risk and compliance matters;

  5. Address areas of non-compliance to help you strengthen your licence to operate or guide through regulatory approval process; and

  6. Develop and bring to market new risk and compliance solutions working in collaboration with tech prodigies and designers.

Aevitium's Risk & Compliance Solutions

I have been busy identifying and connecting with specialist organisations and experts to provide you with holistic and affordable solutions to your business, including

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance systems

  • Know your customer and business focusing on end-to-end client / customer due-diligence

  • Cyber protection and response

  • Crisis preparation and response

  • Risk & Compliance training

  • Geopolitical risk

  • Risk analytics

Aevitium's Risk & Compliance Technical Expertise

  • Business Strategy, including strategic planning, risk and resources (capital, liquidity) strategy, and emerging risks;

  • Enterprise Risk Management including capital and liquidity adequacy (ICAAP, ICARA and ILAAP), stress and scenario testing, and risk appetite and tolerance;

  • Climate, Credit, Market and Counterparty Risk management;

  • Operational resilience including operational risk, change risk, third party risk and technology and cyber risk;

  • Risk analytics including predictive risk management, risk monitoring and risk aggregation;

  • Regulatory compliance; and

  • Risk and compliance training.

As I look forward, I can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible to collaborate on the challenges and problems you want to solve.

So reach out to discuss any of your business needs!


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