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  • Julien Haye

Risk Unboxed: Navigating Board Dynamics and Unconventional Journeys with Terri Duhon

In the first episode of the RiskMasters’ podcast, Julien Haye dives into a discussion with Terri Duhon, a seasoned professional in the finance industry, exploring various aspects of her career, personal life, and insights on risk management.

Terri Duhon starts by addressing the common notion of ‘having it all’ in one's career and personal life. She emphasises the importance of making conscious choices and finding balance amidst the numerous responsibilities and joys that come with being a parent and pursuing a career.

Being a parent significantly influenced Terri's career choices, prompting her to re-evaluate her path and ultimately leading her to a fulfilling position she loves today. She reflects on the idea of compromises and whether they truly represent her journey.

The conversation delves into Terri's experiences with failure and how it shaped her professional growth. She stresses the significance of discussing and learning from failures, countering the tendency in the finance sector to solely focus on successes. Terri candidly shares her own experiences, including a moment where she was let go, which ultimately opened doors to even greater opportunities.

As a parent, Terri faced the challenge of entering the boardroom, a transition that required adapting her communication style to align with the expectations and dynamics of this new environment. She emphasises the importance of effective communication and understanding the nuances of various professional settings.

The conversation shifts to the dynamics of a board, where Terri sheds light on its role in strategy-setting. She underscores that boards primarily serve an oversight function, evaluating and challenging strategies presented by executives. Terri highlights the necessity for robust discussions and diverse perspectives in the decision-making process.

Terri provides insights into risk management within a board context. She emphasises that risk is inherent to return, and it's essential for the board to understand and accept the risks associated with strategic decisions. Terri stresses the importance of identifying, assessing, and managing risks effectively within the organisation.

The discussion concludes with Terri's perspective on fostering a culture of psychological safety within an organisation. She emphasises the need for leaders to create an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up, challenging the status quo, and providing different perspectives. Terri advocates for a culture that embraces failure as a learning opportunity and encourages open dialogue.

Terri's experience and insights provide valuable lessons for professionals in finance and beyond, emphasising the importance of balance, adaptability, effective communication, and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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